Kaissa Limited was formed in 1984 to apply a sprayed polyurethane foam roof system at the old Bermudiana Hotel.  After incorporation in 1985, the company remained focused on this core business until the early 1990’s, when diversification became necessary for growth.  In addition to other more widely used commercial roofing systems, the company moved into foundation waterproofing and tank liners.  While our experience grew in exterior waterproofing solutions, so did the labour force.  The preponderance of weather-related business drove us to seek occasional alternative work on the interior, with Raised Access Flooring being an ideal solution. 

By the mid-90’s, our experience in exterior waterproofing was well known throughout the local industry, and even beyond, with a few specialty waterproofing applications undertaken in Turks & Caicos, USVI and Antigua.  About this time the company evolved its portfolio to include insulated wall claddings.  Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS) were gaining in popularity and viability as both a commercial and residential wall cladding system.  Rather than being merely weatherproof and decorative, these systems bring insulation to the outside of the building structure where it offers most effect.  PW’s Waterfront development was a watershed moment in the local building industry, as well as Kaissa’s history, as it was the first local project to utilize this building technology.  This project stands today, some 14 years later, as a testament to the company’s growth in knowledge and professionalism.

As Building Science continues to grow and evolve, so have Kaissa’s skill sets.  The HSBC Harborview project, late in the first decade of the new century, was another big test of the company’s knowledge-base and resources.  The project was designed to incorporate the latest thinking in air quality, moisture control, and energy efficiency, all of which involved analysis of vapour permeance, dewpoint analysis, and insulation effectiveness.  Kaissa was at the forefront of this information gathering at an early phase of the project value engineering, bringing the considerable resources of their main suppliers to the table.  

Latest developments include increased attention to energy efficiency of our structures, whether they be new or existing.  The use of sprayed foam insulation is on the rise, as the most effective method of delivering efficient insulation, as well as creation of sealed air plenums and vapour and moisture control. Kaissa is offering real solutions to the most energy efficient built environments and reducing our reliance on fossil fuel power supply.

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