The recent consolidation of Kaissa’s exterior expertise with Greymane’s extensive experience in the interior sector provides a knowledgeable base for first-in-class builders supply facility, catering to contractors, property managers and prosumers, with an opportunity to access the company’s coating products.

Look for Kaissa’s upcoming move to their new home in the expanded and rebranded Builders Depot at 12 Bakery Lane, Pembroke.

Our coating products are aimed at the discerning buyer who is tired of painting their house every four years. The products we sell last seven to 12 years.

The showroom sells a line of “IQ technology” offerings from the Sto Corporation, an international company with a manufacturing base in Atlanta.

Called “smart coatings”, they include long-lasting and energy-efficient exterior products such as Lotusan and Dryonic, and the new interior coating Climasan, a light-catalysed product that reduces odours in the home.

The showroom also features examples of Kaissa’s decorative moulding line. The company offers three standard moulding shapes but can also produce custom shapes.

We encourage you to stop by our Front Street Showroom.

Kaissa, with 35+ staff, continues with its core construction project business, serving institutional, commercial and residential clients, as well as commercial contractors.

117 Front Street | Hamilton | 495-4242