For the last 30 years, Kaissa Ltd has led the way in the application of Exterior Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS) in the Bermuda market, representing Sto Corp, the global leaders in EIFS technology.  Our mission is Long Term Protection, which means we are focused on providing materials and finished products that will dramatically extend the life cycle of your properties finishes.

Our core skillset in waterproofing provides a sound basis for ensuring that all critical details are completed with attention to best practice in flashing, shingling and water control.  

For those who are tired of re-painting every four years, we stock Sto’s high performance line of “Intelligent Coatings” that are covered by extended warranties, from 7-10 years. 

Some of our other offerings and advantages include:

  • We can provide through-wall vapour transmission analysis for the most energy conscious building projects.
  • We cut all insulation shapes in-house for ultimate design flexibility. 
  • We stock a range of finishes and coatings for all applications
  • We tint all of our finishes and coatings in-house and can match any nationally recognized brand through Sto’s extensive colour database.

From architectural moldings to fully insulated wall systems, we have the trained personnel to turn your project into the beautifully finished, energy efficient property you are looking for.

117 Front Street | Hamilton | 495-4242